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Keep Your Manholes Secure With The LockDown Security Device


Are there holes in your security?

If anything enters your facility from below ground, the answer is yes. If these holes aren’t secured with the LockDown Device™, then your infrastructure is vulnerable. You control access to your site, your buildings, your data rooms, even your phones, but access points to your communications lines or other critical delivery systems are covered by an unsecured, removable lid.


The LockDown Device

• No gears or moving parts

• Corrosion-resistant 12 gauge stainless steel

• Easy to handle – weighs less than 40 lbs.

• One person installation in 5 minutes or less

• Removeable for unobstructed access

• No modification to manhole required

• Lock is protected by unique “Lockguard”

• Patented technology

• 95% recycled stainless steel

• Prevents dumping and inflow of hazardous chemicals,

water, and other contaminants

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Turn Key Service


Keep Unauthorized Personnel Out Of Your Vaults

Whether you are concerned about vandalism, theft, or sabotage or simply want to have control over access to your vaults, The LockDown Device is the answer.

Contact us today so we can help you LockDown the holes in your critical infrastructure.

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